Immortal Bonds

Immortal Bonds
by Dawn Scovill

Immortal Bonds is superbly crafted and a compelling story of the supernatural.  Immortal Bonds is the debut novel, and Scovill is a master storyteller.  The story is of an immortal woman Jane, who is forced to leave behind everything she loves to become mortal again; she disappears from her husband’s yacht, later her husband Rand is suspected of killing his wife, but she is not deceased.  This is a great work of fiction that is not to be missed.  Scovill has developed a great plot and story line that makes this a page turner.

Immortal Bonds is fast paced and a guaranteed engaging and credible read.  Highly recommended and I look forward to more from this author.

3 thoughts on “Immortal Bonds

  1. This is an awesome book! There’s lots of action and it’s a very intriguing story line. I’ve never been much of a reader, but can’t put this one down!

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