Coomacka Island: The Story of Spider & Ant

Coomacka Island: The Story of Spider & Ant
by Don P. Hooper
Illustrated by Darnel Degand
Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 141209107-1
24 pages, Children’s Book, $12.95
Reviewed by Terry South for Quality Book Reviews

The Story of Spider & Ant, is the first book in a series written by Don P. Hooper and Illustrated by Darnel Degand.   Coomacka is a Caribbean Island, where each of the stories take place.  In this story, Spider is dishonest to Ant by pretending to be injured;  Ant of course believes his friend and recruits the help of his family.  This is a story which contains a great lesson hidden underneath, Spider learns the dangers of greed and the consequences of abusing friendships.

This is an endearing and a beautifully written story which contains an important lesson. This is a enchanting, delightful, and stimulating read for young readers, it has bright colors, wonderful graphics & illustrations (Illustrated by Darnel Degand)which are so vivid they will have your children using their imaginations and asking questions.

I look forward to all the adventures to continue, and will honestly being collecting each one for my grandson Caden to enjoy. This is a wonderful book for all young readers and is highly recommended as a must for the children in your life.

Included at the end of the story is a Fun Activities and Words page which offers questions from the story and a glossary of words with pronunciations.

Be sure to check out their web site at both you and your children will love it.

A Definite 5 Star children’s book!


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