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The Secret of the Lonely Grave

The Secret of the Lonely Grave
by Albert A. Bell, Jr.
Ingalls Publishing Group, Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-932158-79-3

Reviewed by Terry South for Armchairs

The Secret of the Lonely Grave is a fictional story with a real setting. The setting is in southern Kentucky just a few miles from the Tennessee state line, in the area known as the Land Between the Lakes. The authors wife’s family has a houseboat on Lake Barkley and enjoyed fishing, Albert was not fond of fishing so decided to take a walk instead. He found himself walking through a cemetery near the lake and discovered a tombstone off by itself and began to wonder why it is off from the others. That is where the author begins his story of the Lonely Grave.

As the story begins to unfold Kendra and Steve are beginning their summer vacation, they pass by the cemetery on their way to the bus and the lonely grave just outside the cemetery. They begin to notice someone has been leaving flowers on the lonely grave. Kendra wants to become a detective one day and Steve wants to become a novelist so they join together to solve the mystery of the lonely grave and who has been placing the flowers. On their quest they discover that a college history professor has been the one leaving the flowers; soon the three begin to work together to solve the mystery by delving into research to discover the truth that lies behind the lonely grave of the young girl named Amanda.

The Secret of the Lonely Grave is a gripping, powerful and genuine page turner. The story has both a pacing and engaging plot all while the author incorporates history, family values and friendships formed. Bell’s characters are well defined and believable. If looking for an interesting and entertaining read look no further this one is sure to please and I give it 4.5 stars.