June Bug

June Bug A Murder-by-Month Mystery
by Jess Lourey

ISBN-10: 0738709123
Midnight Ink

The setting is Battle Lake, Minnesota and Mira James is trying to recover from a break up.  Mira works as a reporter for a local paper and is trying to solve the mystery of missing diamonds, what she uncovers leads to a bigger mystery than ever expected.  They have planted fake diamonds at the bottom of the lake but Mira discovers is a fake body, what is going on?  Is this all a hoax or is there something sinister happening?

June Bug is the second in the series.  Jess Lourey has penned a very well written series and a good murder mystery with a touch of humor.  Her characters are well developed and believable.  If you are looking for a highly enjoyable read look no further, this one is great and is highly recommended.  I am heading out to get the first of the Murder-by-Month Mystery entitled “May Day”.

Jess Lourey is a full-time college instructor of writing and sociology, a single mother of an eight and five-year-old, and a mystery writer with three books coming out within a 13-month period, to be such a busy woman she sure has a way with writing highly enjoyable and entertaining mysteries.

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