Bridge of the Gods

 Bridge of the Gods (Galatian)

Bridge of the Gods
book 1 of 6
by Len Robertson
ISBN: 0-595-12418-6   $26.95
Reviewed by Terry South for Quality Book Reviews

The Bridge of the Gods follows Mary Brown, a middle aged divorced mother that finds her life turned upside down.  One Saturday morning she finds herself not only carjacked but kidnapped as well.  She is taken into the world of Galatia.  Here she finds herself in a new body with new abilities and a new fate that awaits her.

Mary learns she has been wisked away to this new world in order to save it.  But Mary’s life becomes more complicated when she meets Fred as his expectations of her saving the world are stern.  Will Mary be able to save this world with her new found abilities?

Robertson has developed a steady plot as well as some very interesting characters.  Bridge of the Gods is an entertaining read, although the book has a few typos, it is very well written.  I look forward to reading book 2.

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