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The Blue Zone







The Blue Zone
by Andrew Gross
Fiction 352 pages
William Morrow an Imprint of Harper Collins
ISBN: 978-0-06-114340-3 $25.95
Reviewed by: Terry South for Quality Book Reviews

Would you want to know your family secrets, and what skeletons lie hidden in the closet? Would you really want to know the truth if it would destroy everything you believed? What would you do if you learned your life had been a lie?

Kate Raab receives a devastating phone call from her mom, now the questions of family secrets and skeletons in the closet, and the truth enter her mind like a whirlwind. The words she heard “your father has been arrested, come quickly” made no sense to her at all. There must be some mistake, her father had no connections to the Mercado family and he didn’t know anyone from Columbia, or did he? What lies ahead for Kate when the family secrets begin to unravel?

Kate soon discovers that her life has been a lie. Her family is placed into protective custody, but Kate refuses, and her contact with her family is limited as a result. Kate marries a year later and is working on regaining some normalcy to her life. She feels as if she is being watched, and is consumed by paranoia after her best friend is shot while they are leaving work. After all Kate is certain that she was the intended target, not her best friend. Kate’s world is beginning to come apart.

Kate learns that her father has disappeared from the Witness Protection Program. Agents begin questioning her about her father, now she begins to think and is determined to find her family and learn the truth once and for all. Kate is surrounded by agents and wonders if they can even be trusted. Can she trust anyone? Her mind is consumed with possibilities that no one including her father and even her husband can be trusted. She decides to find out the truth and finds herself entangled in a deadly web, and is confronted with a truth that is more painful than she could ever imagined possible.

The Blue Zone is the term that the agents use when people in the Witness Protection Program come up missing. Kate has her own definition of the Blue Zone and believes that we all live within our own Blue Zone. Andrew Gross is the co-author of five bestselling thrillers with James Patterson. The Blue Zone is Gross’s solo debut. I look forward to reading all his novels to come in the future.

Andrew Gross delivers an ingenious and intricately layered plot, while still creating convincing personal journeys for his characters. The Blue Zone delivers a tantalizing and intriguing story packed with shocking twists that will keep you guessing and begging for more.

The Blue Zone is a definite 5 stars and is highly recommended!

The New and Improved Vivien Leigh Reid: Diva in Control

The New and Improved Vivien Leigh Reid: Diva in Control
by Yvonne Collins & Sandy Rideout
Reviewed by Terry South for Quality Book Reviews

Another wonderful read from one of our myspace authors.  Reviewing this title was a delightful pleasure!

Vivien, once again seems to be getting herself tangled up in some of the most bizarre situations.  She is back on TV, now wearing a costume, but she is eager to prove that she can avoid the diva syndrome this time.  In an attempt to reform her reputation, she is thrown into a challenging role that was not quite what she expected.  In her new role she is required to perform her own stunts in costume which is complicated to say the least.  To further add to her problems are her complicated relationships; her male co-stars don’t want to work with her, her future step sisters are determined to make her miserable, and on top of all of this her mother is in the midst of planning her wedding.  Now she is falling for one of her co-stars, will her life ever not be so complicated?

Yvonne Collins and Sandy Rideout have  a strong imaginative plot from start to finish, and have developed memorable characters.  This story is laugh out loud funny, down right hilarious, and is very entertaining.  I highly recommend this one without any hesitation!

While reading the story my daughter wanted to know what I was reading and I began telling her about it and since she has taken the book home and has informed me she wants all of the deuts books to read.  I am so thankful she has a new found love of reading.  Thank you, maybe she will spend more time reading than watching TV.  I must also admit that I quite enjoyed the book and will buy the prior books and read before passing along to my daughter.



by Helen Leung
Reviewed by Terry South for Quality Book Reviews

Here is another one of our myspace authors and with one that you will not want to miss.  I read this in 1 day, I could not put it down.  The story as the title entails is about a young girl, Toni, whose parents had wanted a boy but got a girl instead.  Toni’s parents were disappointed, and Toni felt they hated her.

Toni is dropped off a her uncle Steve’s house by her parents and they tell her that they will be back a few weeks to get her.  Well now here it is four years later, and a police officer finds Toni unconscious and bleeding in a closet at her uncles home.  Toni has lived the past four years of her life trying to avoid upsetting her uncle and his terrible temper.  The policeman, Matt McKay takes Toni and supports her and we then begin to see her grow.  Toni grows into a independent young woman despite her past abuse, stuggles and conflicts.

The story delivers the message of teens struggling with various feelings from fear, hate, and guilt as well as numerous other feelings.  I highly recommend this one, especially recommend that all teen girls read as it is sure to help them with the feelings that they too struggle with.

A definite 5 star read. 




by Helen Leung

Reviewed by Terry South for Quality Book Reviews

Here is another great book from one of our myspace authors.

Exposed is a story that will tug at your heart strings.  This is a nice hard back book that is a quick read. 

The story is that of the author’s, Helen Leung, and her disease known as Dermatomyositis,  and Dermatomyositis is one of a group of acquired muscle diseases called inflammatory myopathies. The disease, which has a somewhat severe onset, affects both children and adults. Females are more often affected than males, Dermatomyositis is characterized by a rash accompanying, or more often, preceding muscle weakness.  Eventually, people have difficulty rising from a sitting position, climbing stairs, lifting objects, or reaching overhead. In some cases, muscles further away from the trunk of the body may be affected later in the course of the disease. Problems with swallowing (dysphagia) may occur. Occasionally, the muscles ache and are tender to the touch. Affected individuals may also feel fatigue and discomfort and experience weight loss or a low-grade fever.  (Being a nurse had to explain a little of the facts of the disease so you can come to an understanding of this disease and its effects). 

The story begins while Helen is at a young age, she discusses her somewhat abusive family life, her illness, and her diagnosis and the hardship and struggles and the attempts to cure her.  She visited many physicians both in New York and China.  As the years pass Helen begins to accept her illness.  She is very courageous and overcomes her disease, even though she spends the high school years confined to a wheelchair.  She is strong and her will to overcome all that she faces is amazing, she talks of other students starring and whispering, but determined to be strong she uses all their stares and whispers to full fill her dreams and desires to succeed against it all.

 I highly recommend this compelling read, and commend such a strong lady, both her and her book get 5 stars, and her story is an inspiration to us all.