Twisted Perception

Twisted Perception
By Bob Avey

The story begins with the murder of Lagayle Zimmerman, she is found in her vehicle with a shiny necklace hanging from the rearview mirror. Kenny Elliot is a detective in Tulsa, Oklahoma and is on the investigation of the murder of Lagayle. Kenny remembers a time back in Porter where a similar necklace hung from the mirror, where the bodies of his friends were found. He also remembers being a suspect in their murders, but the murders were ruled as murder/suicide, however, Kenny never believed this to be true. The reason Kenny was suspect in their murders is the night before the murders there had been an altercation between he and his friends, and Kenny was known to have a temper. Now with this new murder of Lagayle, Kenny is faced with the past and to finding the answers in order to find the true killer of this murder as well as his friends murders from years ago.

The characters are well developed and believable. It has an intricate plot, the story is full of detail, with twist and turns, and is loaded with surprises.

This is a must read for mystery fans. I highly recommend this book, not only is it a page turner, but will keep you guessing.

Quality Book Reviews gives Twisted Perception 5 stars.

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