The Will To Defy

The Will To Defy
By Ken Myler
ACME Publications
ISBN: 0-9774636-0-5
Reviewed by: Terry South (Quality Book Reviews)

The Will To Defy is a gripping story filled with intrigue, it is a psychological tale that will send chills up and down your spine. Ken Myler draws you into the story with vivid accounts and detail.

Ben Pearce is a husband, a father, and a broker In New York who is thrown into a nightmare in this suspense/thriller. He is woven into a whirl of trying to prevent his own demise, when the daughter of an underworld mobster is accidentally killed. The underworld boss, Victor Draeken is out for revenge and Ben Pearce is set on a quest to keep his family safe as well as himself. Ben is faced with extraordinary experiences turning his life from a peaceful one into survival from a father’s revenge. Ben even goes as far as to start planning his own funeral, but stumbles upon a one page document that may keep Victor Draeken at bay out of fear. So Ben decides to put a plan into motion using this one page document, but as with most plans things become complicated.

Ken Myler has developed a plot that will keep the reader on the edge of your seat. The story contains twist and turns, and just when you think you have it figured out, Wrong, he takes you in a different direction to keep you on the edge.

This is a definite page turner and demands to be finished, I would recommend starting it on the weekend as you will want to finish this in one weekend. The Will To Defy definitely earns 5 stars and is a Must read!

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