Happy Birthday to Whooo?

 Happy Birthday to Whooo?

Happy Birthday to Whooo?

by Doris Fisher

Illustrated by Lisa Downey

Sylvan Dell Publishing

976 Houston Northcutt Blvd., Ste. 3, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

ISBN:  978-0-9768823-1-2  $15.95

Reviewed by Terry South for Armchair Interviews

Happy Birthday to Whooo? A Baby Animal Riddle Book is designed for children ages 4 to 8, has a handsomely designed jacket displaying owls on the front cover and the back displays12 additional animals.

Doris Fisher effectively reaches her intended young audience.  The book contains bold and vibrant images of illustrator Lisa Downey, the pages alternate with oil paintings of an animal family and a birth announcement.  The birth announcements contain clues to the animal’s identity, offering facts of the weight and height and turn the page and you find more facts about the baby animal.  The book contains riddles introducing 12 different animals and will engage and amuse the young reader. The book contains a section entitled “For Creative Minds” that everyone is sure to love, this section contains information about the animal families and fun facts about the 12 animals introduced in the birth announcements.

As for illustrator Lisa Downey, her page design is colorful, vivid and eye-friendly that transports the reader into the heart of the story.

You will find “Learning Links” and “Teaching Activities” on Sylvan Dell Publishing’s website that will help both teachers and parents expand the learning possibilities.  The website is:  http://www.SylvanDellPublishing.com

The book is addressed to children and young readers, but can be enjoyed by the entire family.  The book will excite your children and they will want to read this one over and over again.  As an added bonus in the back of the book there is a “Make Your Own Birth Announcement”  great for a new baby in the family whether it be human or animal.  I highly recommend this one and give it 5 stars!


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