Flesh And Bone

Flesh and Bone
by Jefferson Bass
Reviewed by: Terry South (Quality Book Reviews)

Dr. Bill Bass, is the legendary forensic anthropologist who founded the University of Tennessee’s Body Farm, the world’s first laboratory devoted to the study of human body decomp. Dr. Bass has once again teamed up with his writing partner, journalist Jon Jefferson (pseudonym: Jefferson Bass) for another thrilling suspense.

When a man is found hung from a tree, it is up to Dr. Bill Brockton to discover who this unfortunate man is and why he was so brutally murdered. Dr. Brockton and the Chattanooga medical examiner Jessamine Carter are thrown together to work on this case. Dr. Brockton, a widower and Carter who is divorced become romantically involved. Jess Carter is found murdered and of course Dr. Bill Brockton is the one who discovers her body, becoming the prime suspect in her murder. Dr. Brockton now has to use his own skills to prove his innocence before he is sent to jail, where some of the men he helped convict are housed.

“Flesh And Bone” is a great novel that offers romance, mystery and forensic science. The plot is intriguing, the characters are believable, and it brims with terrific forensic detail, solid science and a lovable protagonist. The team of Dr. Bill Bass and Jon Jefferson have created another great novel in the series, (this is the second in the series, the first was “Carved In Bone”) and there are plans to continue the series. So the fans of this genre you need to be sure and add the writing team known as Jefferson Bass to your list.

This is a must read.

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