Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting

Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting
By Lynn Grabhorn
Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc.
Self-Help Book
Reviewed by Terry South for Front Street Reviews 2/24/07

I enjoyed most of this author’s work and she brought new elements into play pointing out negative and positive feelings. The author places a lot of personal examples throughout and makes it clear the distinctive differences between our negative wants and positive one’s. She is very enthusiastic and focuses on feelings throughout the entire book, and until now says we have been running our lives on a default setting.

Lynn Grabhorn stresses that our negative or positive feelings determine what happens during our daily lives. She points out that we send out vibrations in which others pick upon, so we need to focus on our feelings and keep them positive, in my opinion this is easier said than done. For me personally it is impossible to maintain constant positive feelings and not allow the negative ones to enter our minds. However, she incorporates simple steps to follow, so I plan to at least give it a try, I have nothing to lose except for maybe the negativity.

“Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting, the astonishing power of feelings” by Lynn Grabhorn is a book that tells you as well as shows you how to change your life. This book is idea for the people who feel their lives are way off track, maybe feeling a little depressed, down on their luck, or even just the general down feeling, or the feeling of everything in your life is going wrong. Or for those of us that wish to make a positive change in our lives.

This book instructs you to take back control of your life by switching your feelings and making them positive. She guides you through and tells you how to perfect the Law of Attraction which will bring the better things in life your way. She wants you to focus on the positive aspects and says “Anything it takes to get you to that place of feeling better than when you started’. She tells us to open that valve any way we can, and if we have tried and still nothing is working and all else fails, she tells us there is only one alternative left and that is to “look for anything within the situation, or in your immediate surroundings, to appreciate or feel good about”.

We need to start talking to ourselves, faking it, or even coning ourselves to pretty soon feel that click into Feel Good Energy or at least feel better and then the valve will begin to open slowly. So, she reminds us if we are mad, irritated at a situation to step back and take that negative and turn it into a positive, even if you have to find a positive in the situation, do all you can to muster a positive aspect. The author also says “The art of feeling good is not exactly something at which we are highly accomplished, so the goal is to learn how to do it on the spot.”

One of the weaknesses was the over usage of “feeeelings” throughout the entire book. Otherwise, this was a very interesting read, and the author writes with enthusiasm, and stresses to live a fulfilling life. Very easy reading style, while incorporating explanations, examples and simple steps to follow.

She has offered four fundamental principles for attracting what we desire most in life. She beams with positive energy. I highly recommend reading it and giving it a try, you have nothing to lose except maybe some negativity.

One thought on “Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting

  1. What an AMAZING read! This little book enabled me to go back to college at 55 and graduate at the top of my class! I easily passed my courses and was graduated as an RN. I also passed the NCLEX on my first attempt! I read from this book on a daily basis, and it has changed and impacted my life if a most positive manner! If you truly want to turn your life around, then you must, MUST read this book!

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