Do You Know Why Butterflies Fly?


Do You Know Why Butterflies Fly?

By Tom McWhirter

Art work by Mary Meade

Chupp Road Press

ISBN:  978-0-9761853-0-7

Reviewed by Terry South for Bookpleasures

Do You Know Why Butterflies Fly? Is beautifully written, the hardback cover is amazing and with the movement of the book you can see the butterflies fly.  The author Tom McWhirter has a great imagination and has produced a lovely children’s book for all to enjoy and treasure.

The story contains bold and vibrant imaginative images of illustrator Mary Meade, the art work is superbly done to ignite the imaginations of all.  The story is for children of all ages and in the process is teaching children to have courage to face their fears and to have faith in themselves to change and become something much greater than they every imagined.  It delivers the idea of not being afraid, to try new things and to pursue their dreams.  The story is both engaging and amusing, although addressed to children and young readers, can be enjoyed by the entire family together. 

The children’s book will appeal to both the young readers and their parents and will be a treasure to read together time and time again. 

The author grew up in rural North Carolina, he had a country boy heart and soul, and his best friend was his imagination.  His parents were concerned and gave him a stern lecture on his imagination and its proper place in reality.  “Tom McWhirter took this discussion to heart and immediately shut down his imagination.”  Years later he began a daily practice of meditation and rediscovered his imagination, and this book is full of his new re-found imagination.

I highly recommend this children’s book, it is a delight and a treasure to keep for generations to come.

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