Dorien Grey
Zumaya Publications (2006)
ISBN 193413533X
Reviewed by Terry South for Reader Views (2/07)

“Calico” combines a multitude of genre’s which includes romance, mystery, western, and adventure. Calico Ramsay is the protagonist and is a cowboy who happens to be gay. Calico has to escort two 17-year-old orphaned twins who are from Chicago, to their aunt after their uncle is killed just before he was to pick up the twins at the rail station. The twins are Sara and Josh, and Calico must protect them till he gets them to his Uncle Dan’s sister, Rebecca, who lives in Bow Ridge, Colorado. Calico becomes aware of the dangers they are faced with when the first hotel they stay in goes up in flames. Calico realizes someone does not want them to reach their final destination. As their adventure continues, Calico begins to develop protective feelings for the twins and must safeguard them at all costs. Throughout their adventure the twins learn to adjust to the living out in the country while Calico is learning about himself.

The characters are believable and you develop feelings and a love for those characters. Not only is this a western but also a love story. Calico begins to fall for Josh and the love story begins to grow slowly as Josh returns those feelings.

The story contains action, mystery and adventure and fans of the genre of western and romance will enjoy this read. It contains a gay developing romance that is gentle, but may not be for everyone. You will have to decide for yourself based on your taste in stories.

The author describes this book, “Calico,” as a “western/romance/adventure/mystery with a twist” – with the twist being that Calico Ramsay is a gay cowboy. Personally not the type of reading material I enjoy, but was a good read.

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